Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grunt Work!

This is another mail collaboration in a series with Lou Joseph from Fort Grunt in Durham, NC. It's still in progress. I hope Lou doesn't remove my thumbs for posting them before completion. Check out the massive loads of work created out of Fort Grunt at

More Grunt Work!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Group exhibit at the Runcible Spoon

A duo of trailer dwellers on the eves of their respective evacuatations from THE WOMB. Belgian beer and origami were both in attendance. Thanks to to all.

This painting fell of the wall and into some eggs. Sorry. Please note the egg print on the northwestern quadrant.

two more from Amy Noblitt!

Group exhibit at the Runcible Spoon 2

Group exhibit at the Runcible Spoon 3


Eight Inches of water tore though Blue Skies in the Basement. Water was unwelcome at first and then became a lovable unemployed flat mate who despite his/her annoying antics, will be somewhat missed when they finally depart.