Saturday, April 12, 2008

Installation REINSTALLED!

Reinstalled in the shadow of our small living box... Left out to brave the elements and scare off any potential trick or treaters.

Travel-size Mural

Goatmother's first and only mural might fall to the wayside. In an attempt at preservation, this trapper keeper-sized version was created for posterity.

Yung Mail Tails: The Reading Room Annex

Yung Mail Tails is the first full-scale installation by Goatmother Industrial. Twelve 6-foot pillars, four 9-foot mantras, two 10-foot banners, and one chair covered with fifty-eight stories of foggy childhood memories all written in a created language called Rungish. Sounds of a dinner party were pumped into the room. Happy reading......

Photos by William Winchester Claytor
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Yung Mail Tails: Opening Night

Thanks to all who came out to crick their necks and strain their eyes to read the fifty-eights chapters in raw Rungish. Thanks to Claire from Caethua for sending a calming and warming wave through the room. Check out more of her music at

Photos by The Shrine

Yung Mail Tails: Opening Night 2

Photos by The Shrine

Yung Mail Tails: Opening Night 3

Photos by The Shrine

Deluge Again!

Ok, this time its not funny........Come on!

Happy Birthday Snorkel

Dumpster find to bubbly cadeau d'anniversaire. Happy b-day, Benny.