Saturday, January 31, 2009

Foxy Boxing

"A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place" was a show put on by Fuller Projects. Boxes were given out to 25 different local artists to appropriate and return within two weeks. Brilliant! Credits are given to the work I know (above the piece), I'm sorry about the others...
by Goatmother Industrial

By Jeremy Kennedy

by Pete Shreiner

by j shelley harrison

Foxy Boxing 2

By Betsy Stirratt

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peep Show!

"Experimental Bedmaking" is a book made by William Winchester Claytor, j shelley harrison (small kit), and Goatmother. This book is an edition of one and was just purchased by the Indiana University's Fine Arts Library. You can literally CHECK IT OUT!
Here are some selected pages...

More Peeps!

Special Thanks to Tony White!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Split CD with Racebannon

The Coke Dares did a split CD with Racebannon. Its been out for a while now. We just didnt tell you. You! Art and layout by Goatmother Industrial. Special thanks to Blow the cat.

Randoms in tandem +1!

Ok. No more cleaning. maybe just a little more...

Plane of 1000 Mouths...Mid-flight!

"No Danger" finally came to IU via the SoFA Gallery. The show has been at the Richmond airport and at Purdue. Plans have been laid out for a showing at the Indianapolis airport.

for LFB...

Cause: They extended the deadline for submissions. Effect: I remembered that they were asking for submissions.

Charcoaled past...

ok, bad pun. Old work. found it when cleaning. I gotta stop cleaning.

New Impossible Shapes 7 inch!

New 7inch...It took a long time and went through many incarnations. The second two images are the double split 7inch that it finally became. The first two images are the first incarnation of the art by Goatmother. The Impossible shapes side shares its sonic arena with side projects of the Impossible Shapes...mixing and melding...whispering, waiting, weeping and wallowing....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday Cake For OL' ABE!

This is an entry for a postcard contest hosted by Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois celebrating the 200th birthday of Abe Lincoln. He likes to get to bed by about 2:30pm these days. so, SHHHHHHHHH!

"I love to go antiqueing on Thursdays..."

Found these while cleanin' the ol' house...
I remember actually falling asleep ON "Great White Shotgun."
No more painting in bed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Why did I find this?
Why did I buy this? (it was for a gift)
Why am I writing about it now?

Best of the Best of the Island

These were made with the help of one of my creators, Judith Ann Rice, on the Caribbean island of Antigua. She is a powerful creature. She likes kiwi fruit, cherries, non-violent movies, and sherbet.