Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Blog.......

Here is another blog to check out:

It is run by Jamie Iacoli , who is very design suave.
Also, check out her website with her partner, Brian Mcallister.
They run a design company out in Seattle.

Lots of fabricated and re-used products!

They have great taste and wrote some great stuff about Goatmother.
Check it out!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lights and Music!

A homage to a truly inspiration human being displayed in both light and darkness.

A Nostalgic Tree from 2033

Every single All-Ages space in Bloomington during the Goatmother Residency. Complete with start and end dates. Tree drawn with discontinued Crayola multi-cultural skin-colored markers purchased from the clearance section of Staples.

BAM!......Bloomington Archives and Museum!

On May 1st, two Bloomington art galleries converged to form BAM! or Bloomington Archive and Museum of Oddities and Special Moments. The exhibitions intermixed members and volunteers of both Sweet Hickory and Art Hospital in both spaces simultaneously along with transportation between to the two spaces via 6-person golf cart or BAM TRAN.

BAM! Sweet Hickory Side

BAM! Art Hospital Side

Don't Rain on my Parade!

A stellar installation my Bloomington artist, J Shelley Harrison. A complete environment was constructed inside Fuller Projects, intermittently showering its visitors with quickly descending distilled agua. The waste water from the exhibtion was pumped outside to hydrate a complementary vegetable and spice garden. Soundtrack provided by Horns of Happiness.

Welcome to Commanding Father Foods!

The newest appendage on the Goatmother animal.....Commanding Father Foods!
Specializing in providing edibles for mixers, reunions, office parties, and a myriad of other awkward situations. Eat it! Featured here:
Los Pijamos del Gato (The Cat's Pyjamas)
The Bungle

New Tour poster for Magnolia Electric Co.

A new poster by Jason Molina, Daniel Murphy, and Goatmother for the the upcoming album "Josephine." Made from an old wine box and raccoon bones found under a demolished shed.

A Message from my Skin Pal......

Prep drawings for a tattoo on KATER REYONLDS. The deed will be done soon. Photographic proof coming soon......

Introducing......the Burly Indian Noise Kit!

In the spirit of quirky suburban sprawl design and Taco Bell, we bring you the Burly Indian Noise Kit. This prototype format of the new Push-Pull record, Between Noise and the Indians, labors to express its individuality in every single album copy, while coversely attempting to control an over-all motif and attention to quality. Building a mountain out of a pile of hills. Creating a Wolf out of carnival meat. A new savory snack made from the same eight ingredients.

The following statements are true:
-All Burly Indian Noise Kits...

1. are one of a kind.
2. feature a digital download code located in the belly of the kit.
(Using this code will ensure a proper fetch of the delicious sounds of Push-Pull.)
3. are made from roughly 90% recycled materials
4. include a Sick Stick, Analog Barcode, Non-violent Rifle,
hunk of Glow-in-the-dark Dragon's Breath, and portrait of a local feline.
5. are one of a small, supportive, and close family of 33.

Don't leave Jail without it!