Monday, May 4, 2009

Introducing......the Burly Indian Noise Kit!

In the spirit of quirky suburban sprawl design and Taco Bell, we bring you the Burly Indian Noise Kit. This prototype format of the new Push-Pull record, Between Noise and the Indians, labors to express its individuality in every single album copy, while coversely attempting to control an over-all motif and attention to quality. Building a mountain out of a pile of hills. Creating a Wolf out of carnival meat. A new savory snack made from the same eight ingredients.

The following statements are true:
-All Burly Indian Noise Kits...

1. are one of a kind.
2. feature a digital download code located in the belly of the kit.
(Using this code will ensure a proper fetch of the delicious sounds of Push-Pull.)
3. are made from roughly 90% recycled materials
4. include a Sick Stick, Analog Barcode, Non-violent Rifle,
hunk of Glow-in-the-dark Dragon's Breath, and portrait of a local feline.
5. are one of a small, supportive, and close family of 33.

Don't leave Jail without it!

1 comment:

mbnjmntrb said...

I now own #14.
Good stuff.
Great show last night at the Mel.