Saturday, September 12, 2009

So let me get this straight.... you are a banker from the late 19th century, who was captured and taken into the future year of 1971, where you were forced to get a three-piece suit tailored from a space-age material of woven plastic and cotton. You were then supposed to go back to your original time and get our family invested on the ground floor of plastics (make a killing), but the time machine was thrown off course and you ended up in the early 1800s and were captured by what we now refer to as Native Americans. They were kind after they found you no harm. You had dreams of teaching them the ways of the future. Mechanics, medicine, math, science....But they just thought you were crazy. And who knows, you might still be...But it was you who did the learning. Archery, tracking, botany, etc. Tanning hides, making sinew, spirituality, connections, mind/body.....Your body started to smell FOR REAL, for the first time in your life, all the perfumes were sucked out by the pillowy dirt that was your constant bed fellow. You soon took a wife who you were very much in love with...and while making love to her in an attempt to conceive your fourth were zapped away to the future once must be important. They pulled the cargo van into the large parking lot of an enormous super market. You have no idea what they want with you but they untied you and gave you two twenty dollar bills and told you to buy some low-cal, great tasting beer. I hope they like the stuff you bought...they seem kind of crazy...I wish you knew where they were taking you?....C'mon, be strong.

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