Monday, July 27, 2009


A Fat Tat. He told me the creator's name, but alas it has slipped my mind. Prolly replaced with some important movie quote instead......wait a minute, wait a minute....Ryan Mason! Thank you...Anonymous!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Big Ups to Ms. Kater Reynolds. A collaboration of Ink and Body around the idea of the CREEPY PEACE! Thanks, KATER!

Good-bye Floody McUnderground!

It hasn't happened yet but soon I will say good bye to the citadel of the Midwest from which I have drawn my moderate power, skill, magic, and damage points, as well as, my Church and Sanctum, Blues Skies in the Basement. Here she is in her natural form, before cleaning and primping made her no longer my daughter but a full woman of her own. Goodbye.

Goatmother is Disfigured!

Facial reconstructive surgery is expensive. We at goatmother Industrial like for Nature to take her course. If that involves Nose Clouds, Eye Bubbles, and Weeping Ear, thats ok with us...

BEJEEZUS Magazine!

Cool Magazine about Southern arts and artists....
Check it out!

These are submissions to the magazine. i dont think they were ever used....

More Beejesus!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Introducing..... Flowerpenis Apparel!

The now defunct novelty tee shirt company offered one of a kind shirt designs for both silkscreen and iron-on transfer. Shirts were worn by patrons to cover their chests, backs, and nipples from public view.

More Flowerpenis...

Staring Contest with Maddis

I can't explain to you the massive amounts of love I have for this dog. I dub thee an honorary GOAT!

Slam Dunk loves Alotta Knotts!

Check out this band!

Paintings from the AT Most Fear!


High Kicks and Low Punches

This one is a Collaboration with Jeremy Kennedy.

Welcome to Allotta Knotts Apparel!

Featured here is the Summer Scarf and the Hair Halo. Alotta Knotts is the newest arm of Goatmother Industrial, offering affordable experimental knitting for your head, neck, face, and chest.

Photos by William Winchester Claytor