Friday, August 28, 2009

Cats wearing coats for dogs!

Small dog's coat from Petsmart....$1.65
Josie, you're such a sport.
Credit to Mike Bridavsky for feline maintenance and cat ownership.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grand Buffet!

Creator of the Philly Cheese Steak solo. Bare-ass blasting and nutrition rage. Angsty hip-hop, putting a spring in your bop, and a comb through your fop.

GRAND BUFFET! from Pittsburgh!

Jackson and Jared!

Relish the Lick

Lindsay Stern showed a gorgeous selection of work at the Art Hospital on August 21st, 2009. The majority of the work was from her thesis show at the University of Michigan, where she has just received her MFA in Art as well as in Museum Studies. Her quiet and disquieting set of collages (Sexually Edible Collages or S.E.C.s) split the viewing experience into at very least a two act endeavor. 1. The Ten Foot Stare, judging the composition. 2. The One Foot Stare, realizing that the entire scene is created from finely manipulated photos of food. (when disembodied or removed from their context, it is difficult to find these hips of shiny ham, and guts and feet of cookie cake at all appetizing) 3. Deciding if you are repulsed or aroused, or an uncomfortable version of both. Thanks Lindsay for driving all the way from Ann Arbor for the opening!

Going away party!

Thanks everybody!
These are photos taken by Jeremy Hogan

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A more portable and important permanence!

Less of a Grave Stone and more of a Saved Bone from the impassioned beauty, rich luxury, and pure euphoria of trailer Nobbers!

Ol' Money bags!

Is your old Panther by Hand wallet starting to look like this?....

And this?.....

Well simply visit:
and order one of their many styles of wallets. You could end up with something more like this!....

or this!.....

Panther by hand is also a fine crafter of men's and women's underwear, custom bags, and much more! Check them out!

Lapping it up with ....Gourmet Scum!

Image Helmet is disemboweling Sonic Youth....
They have a tape available through Magnetic South.....which is...

Slam Dunk......Slipping and sliding into your foundation!

More basement sauna times with Slam Dunk!
check them out here!

Tattoo for Ellie!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Painting Duo!

On August 8th , John Berry (MFA PAINTING) and Mattise Giddings (BFA PAINTING) showed their work at the Art Hospital. Thanks to all who came. This first set is by John Berry.

Work by Mattisse Giddings

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Portable Yung Mail Tails!

The Yung Scrolls are a more private and intimate version of their more public and larger counterpart.....One of a kind and made from all recycled products......cause you know that's how we do it!

Enterprise in a bag!

The first product from Voyage Corps Gifts was the USS Enterprise constructed from cutting edge technology.... Floppy disks! Set course for the 3rd star from the left and ENGAGE!

Custom Hooves!

Goatmother would like to thank the USPS for delivering these new custom hooves. They will be ridden on top of while going from the world famous POINT A to the lesser known and more mysterious POINT B.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A commision for Lindsey Peters!

Lindsey is in medical school. Lindsey gave Goatmother an anatomy book and asked for a painting. Here is the painting. Thanks, Lindsey!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

4 Frames....

Frame 1: Normal straight ahead photo...Frame 2: Remove as much of your clothing as possible with the time allotted.....Frame 3: Attempt to return the previously removed clothing to its original state...Frame 4: Invite everyone in and have a party! You can do one , too!

In a tight spot...with The Donkeys!

I thoroughly endorse swimming naked with any member of this band. Not to mention, they play music, too! Tinklin tweety ditties dipped in bronze to face-burning riff rufflin... And they look good the whole time! Cha cha!

Aviary Wear by Athena Tacha!

Athena Tacha.....Gorgeous fashions....look her up!

My Chest?....A place for trash?

Picked this baby up in Texas. I always wanted one ever since I saw Lt. John "Dumb Bear" Dunbar wear one in Dances With Wolves. Just imagine one made of Trash...MMMMM..