Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ummmmmmm..I dont know.

Editing help from My Neighbor....

Locked out!


Cool musician and artist.

Check it out.

What we found.

A cottage in the woods...very nice. By Michael Bizon. Check him out!

Scavenger hunt....

A map was procured from an exhibition by Michael Bizon that led to an installation in the woods...and away we go!

The video is at the gallery....

and soon will hit cyberspace....

The Shirt..... a souveigner only! Beware its use in other ways.....
Love always to the small ones....Goatmother....

The Helmet....

......keeps Mr. Sensitive's beautiful and talented brain away from dangerous crowds and helps him to overcome the crippling disease that is stage fright.

Autographs for sale!

Pre-signed and available only at the Gelman gallery. There are plenty left!


"THIT" was a sculpture and solo performance that took place at the Gelman Gallery of the RISD Museum on September 24th, 2009. The performance included voice, electric guitar, ukelele, keyboard, drum set, and drum machine. Three "songs" were performed. LOUD/QUIET/LOUD. The middle song was a cover by the Donkeys (San Diego, CA). Thanks to all who came out to listen. Video to come soon....


There is so much work in the are some choice pieces....sorry to leave anyone out....

This Was A Show About Rock and Roll!

A wonderful show curated by Kat Hodges and Brett Windham. Featured many grad students from many departments. Opened on September 24th and will be be for the next three weeks....Thanks to all who came!


Test Market?....Best Market!!!!!

We all thought it would be more intestine-ually taxing than it was....Bring on the next one! Do your worst, Colonel! What about a bag of grease injected in my heart?


Sunday, September 13, 2009

First east-coast work!

While sipping coffee milk, eating New York System, wearing my Red Sox jersey, and driving like an asshole...Goatmother made this!

God Jam It!

Meet Greg.
Meet Zuri.
Meet Jen.
Its was late when we nake moise....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

How do you make a CD a souveigner?

Just like that!
It's a Voyage Corps Gift!

THIT album singles!

Each album is the first release by Goatmother Industrial's newest audio wing, THIT.
Each album is the first album and each album is one of a kind, containing only exclusive material. The debut performance will be in Providence, RI during the opening reception of THIS IS A SHOW ABOUT ROCK N ROLL at the Gelman Gallery in the Chace Center on September 24th from 6-8pm. See you there!