Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eligible Bachelors of 2121

Post-apocalyptic dating made easy......more to come!

Another moving adventure!

Introducing the Fanakistoscope...Analog version coming soon!


A perfect gift for an embarrassing evening gone wrong. Support Fanamatronix by picking up the Fanapaddle at the Honor System Store! While supplies last!

Make your own!

Little Learners Brands Books releases its secret recipe to the public. Make, Fold, Read, Enjoy, Go to Bed Early!

Pinwheel et la Belle Barbe

Fan-a-mate like the professionals in the privacy of your own home. Includes Hairy Paper, Spin Hinge, Chop Stick, and Directions for Use/Abuse. Spin!

Little Learners Brand Books

Tiny readings by Little Learners Brand Books. First release by John Smashfield entitled "Too Much Peace." Conceived and constructed by Knifekiss Productions, and available at the Honor System Store as a Voyage Corps Gift.

The Honor is back!

Just like the BORG, or a cockroach, or the human race, The Honor System Store lives on through brute stubbornity and shameless adaptability. With a new line of products and located on the Door of the Goat, room 208, Fletcher Building.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"The Role Model"

Restaurants are a great place to purchase food. It is prepared and served to you usually in a timely manner. Check em out!

Fanamatronix Unearthed!

Fanamatronix is an Analog Animation using Human Breath, The Box Fan, and The Strobe Light. Keep your eyes peeled! Become a Fan!

Some different states of

The mustache of the CREATOR!
God I'd love to meet her!

Just in case you didn't know....

My head is small and it makes me think like this.....

A product of Voyage Corps Gifts. An introduction to making artwork and losing money with Goatmother Industrial. A kit complete with Inspirational Portrait (including Condensed Cranium), Bumper Sticker (to put Others in their place), and The Flat Hat (a thinking cap to get you in the MOOD.)