Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hey Hey Freedom: Pink Jacket

There is a little rubber ball in my coat. I can feel it. It’s on the left side. It feels like its in one of the pockets, but it ain’t. There is no earthly reason that a jacket should have this many pockets. Front, side, chest, little zipper ones, and ones inside other ones. I can feel the size and shape of the little ball, but there’s always a layer of material between me and it.
I suppose it could be in the lining. That’s not out of the Realm of Possibilities, but I don’t think a jacket like this has a lining. It wasn’t made for any sort of protection against temperature, wind, water, heat, cold, ice, snow, sand, etc. It’s pink and kind of reflective. If there were ever a purpose for a jacket like this, it would be for a Man or Woman of Bulging Pockets, never having enough room or space for whatever sorts of personal organization they might use for their P.P.S., or Personal Pocket System.
I think I have a couple of paper clips stuck in the dirt of my potted fern. Oh yeah, there they are. I’ll just grab one and use it to make a little slit in the “lining” being careful not to…..
Did that potted fern just yawn at me? Do houseplants yawn? I distinctly heard a yawn. Do you think it yawned from boredom or fatigue?
Is there anything in a houseplant’s life that merits fatigue? It must be bored. Is it bored with me? Am I boring? Am i boring you? Should I worry about that?

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