Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey Hey Freedom: Seahorse

My pecks were ripped. I had been carrying these eggs for 3 weeks. They were fucking heavy. I had bulges behind my eyes that were not there a couple of weeks ago. It would be a nice post-pregnancy gift to myself to get some new outfits to show off this new body of mine. Its not every day that a girl gets to shed a third of herself. Goddamn, that’s gonna feel amazing. I’m gonna feel so strong and the weight of the water will be so light. I bet it wont last though. Without the extra weight, steering around in the current wont offer the body building accentuation it did in the past. In all my life never have I planned and received a good shape to my body. It has only snuck up on me. Usually though pregnancy, fear, hard times, etc. Comfort has never done me right in shaping my body i.e. finding a good man.
Kaleb is bigger and brighter than the majority of my mates. He is gorgeous actually. A beautiful dorsal, a long powerful curl of a tail, a slender athletic frame with tight skin stretched over a thoroughly bottom-heavy cage of a body. He can become blindingly bright (yum) and, just between you and me, has what looks to be a deep and moist brood pouch, which just gets me all revved up. We’ll see tonight. I’ll let you know what he is packin and how deep that pouch actually is. I bet he can take every last egg that I feed to him.
I can see him over on Grip Rock. His tail is casually wrapped and he drifts with the pride of a “horse” that has SEEN it all. He is gorgeous and I am not his first, not by a long shot. That ship has sailed and I’ve ridden it before. No more newbies.
I wouldn’t say I’m spying, but I can see Kaleb already eyeing some newbies of his own. He likes to do his research early and constantly. He uses our independently roving eyes to their full advantage.
I have another recruit of my own, Cliff. He’s young. I know that I’m breaking my own rules here. He’s a virgin. I know I said I’d never again at my age. He is so lady-like and he would be a wonderful depository and first home for my lil’ ones.
I can imagine us dancing together. He is stuffed with my kids. He would move in halftime to our favorite song (unchosen) under the weight of our critters. I would zip around him like a freak, skinny, slender, slick, and hungry. He would be a pleasure to feed. I bet he would be grateful, too.
Mmmmm, I can’t wait to have that body again.
He’ll have no idea what’s after him.

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