Friday, February 26, 2010

Lil' Learners Books....On the move!

Installed at inflate/ they are coming to an Honor System Store near you!

Origin Story Series Installed

Goatmother Industrial would like to thank Judith Ann Rice for scavenged frames, participation in the audio tour (unfinished) that will accompany this piece (forthcoming), and life in general.

Images from inflate/deflate installed

There was also a whole front room packed with some amazing clothes and jewelry, but I have not the photos of this.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 new releases from Lil' Learner Books!

With new titles from your favorite authors:
Rather Woudsma
Physical Jones
John Smashfield
Fantum Limb Fanamatronix
Commanding Father Foods
and many more....(5 more to be exact...)
The new product line will be unveiled immediately....
Special thanks to Voyage Corps Gifts, the Honor System Store, my forefinger, and my thumb.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Pat Steir retrospective "Drawing Out of Line" opens February 27th.
For more info:

Last Day of Installation

It took working 8 hour days for 12 days straight, but we finished it ahead of schedule! Atta Team!

Pat Steir "Self Portrait" Museum Installation Day 1

First day of installation of "Self Potrait" by Pat Steir. 12 students lead by Antony Sansoto. Special thanks to Jan Howard, RISD Museum Director of Prints and Drawings.


Fox Tat progression...more to come....

Congrats to Samantha Fox.....finished her 4th and 5th sessions by tattoo artist, Laura Black @ Voluta Tattoo


Studio 304 Presents:


Opening Reception: Thursday, February 25th. 6pm-10pm.

Pearl St Lofts - 304 Pearl St. #112 (Large warehouse behind Firehouse13 off Broad St)

New work by:


Jamie Foster

Faye Kennelly

Yong Joo Kim

Danielle Lange

Ryan McIntosh

Mark Rice

Sarah Young

Featured Designer Apparel by:

Waste Not Want Not

Snarl Apparel

Joseph Segal

…and more!