Thursday, March 18, 2010

The World's Biggest Potluck Ever!

Goatmother created a sign for a new proposed project by Massachusetts artist, Catherine D’Ignazio.

The World's Largest Potluck Ever

Brief Concept Summary:
The Guinness record for the “Largest Potluck Party” currently stands at 602 dishes. The World’s Largest Potluck Ever would stage a mile-long potluck dinner on the Cambridge Street Corridor in an attempt to break the record, showcase the diversity of the businesses & residents, build community and display a dazzling array of home cooked meals. For one Sunday afternoon, the whole street would be transformed into a giant neighborhood block party with food, performers and fun.

Saul Chernick

Dipping into the deep chasm of art history and mixing in his own reinterpretive humor and story-telling. You can check out Saul Chernick's work at his website:

New Mail Project by kneeshy!

"keys to an eighty-eight" is a new mail project by kneeshy. Former Bloomington, Indiana, now LA duo, Jeremy Kennedy and j shelley harrison have dismantled an old saloon "pianer" and have mailed the bits/keys/teeth/ivories all over the US. Here is the submission by Goatmother.
Check out their website:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oreille d'Or

Copper engraving of the screenplay of an "as-of-now-unrealized" movie with The Neighbor, now known as, NYC Cooper.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hey Hey Freedom VERSION TXT!

For the the collector of the typeset casual quip over the tacked up tertiary color...there's Hey Hey Freedom Version TXT! All the resonance and restraint of the original, without the visuals! Create your own! Draw a blank! Take a nap!