Monday, September 27, 2010

Coast to Coast!

Goatmother is part of the cluster of Rhode Island nationals to be exhibited in LA in the beginning of October in the first art exhibition at the Museum of Public Records, entitled Public Fiction.

Here is the promo:

Public Records is the first opening at the Museum of Public Fiction.
Opening Monday October 4, 8pm.

PUBLIC RECORDS is a collection of work by: Alee Peoples, Anders Johnson, Ashley Zangle, assume astro vivid focus, BEVERLY FRE$H, Bobbi Woods, Breanne Trammell, Brendan Threadgill, Brie Ruais, Clement Valla, Davida Nemeroff, Erin Perry, Grant Worth, Greg Kalliche, Julia Dault, Joshua Callaghan, Kat Hodges, Mark Rice, Maureen Keaveny, Michael Bizon, Michael Magnan, Paul Pescador, Riah Buchanan, Sto, Talon True Gustafson and Walker Mettling. As well as an ongoing collection of artist records that will build during the length of the show (and announced as they arrive.)

On exhibit October 4, 2010 – January 4, 2011

at The Museum of Public Fiction
749 Avenue 50
Los Angeles CA 90042


Sunday, September 26, 2010

2nd release from Fort Polio....

Available Bachelors of 2121!
Screenprinted set of 7 handmade handsome devils on red paper, heightened with our patented bleaching process. Edition of 15.

First release from Fort Polio.... Royal Brites!

The first release from the newest member of Goatmother Industrial's Umbrella of Shame....Fort Polio! Fort Polio offers a growing line of quality portfolios. Royal Brites is a redux of a previous set of prints. Edition of 15.

Audio Player Site for THIT.

Please visit this site for all things THIT (Soundage)

Emerge Series completed.

The Emerge Series is a series of five album singles exploring "drones" and "emphasis" in the keys of C, D, E, G, and B. The packaging is all handmade. Each album also includes linear notes and a five color poster.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Taser factory review!

An ally from the other coast.
Thanks for the words.
Make sure to check out taser factory and its mountain of projects any time you can at:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

SPF 2010

Come out to Horseneck Beach from 12 to 4pm on the 12th of September to see an art exhibition in the sky.