Friday, August 19, 2011

The Big Green Book

I love trading mail with Lou Joseph.
This is possibly our 4th long-term USPS mail trade project.
They keep getting better and better.
This one takes the form of an enormous neon green book of about 150 pages. It has been passed back and forth a couple of times already.
Here is a peek inside...

Back in the saddle!

I stepped out of retirement from pet portraiture to create another for my good friend Nick Dietrich's wife. Happy Birthday!
Since I am now out of retirement, who else is interested?

Red Box Project

Fellow AIR, Camille Bonham, and I visited the Boys and Girls Club of Gaffney to facilitate the creation of a stop-action animation by the children at the club. We visited a total of seven times. Each meeting had a different amount of participants, all children were from 4th to 5th grade. The class swelled to 14 or 15 to sometimes only 4 or 5 students. After several days of explaining the basics of animation, we spent most days filming with the children taking turns doing the directing and the camera work. The students acted as machines to pass a red box through the camera frame. Each student ten recorded the sound that their machine made. After all the footage and soundtrack were compiled, a video was edited together. The project culminated with a screening of the animation for everyone including the staff of the Boys and Girls Club.


I found a slide of this really old charcoal drawing. It was done on a sheet paper that was 4 ft by 5 ft. I cant remember for the life of me why I drew this. Oh, well.


This is a new video by fellow Artist-in-Residence, Steve Snell. It is called "perspectives." This is one in a series of 4 videos. Music by Eric Kocher and Mark Rice.