Friday, July 29, 2011

Goat Sticks!

Newest Commerical from Goatmother Industrial.

The Coke Dares 4th and 5th of July tour

An epic journey of two days.
Damn straight.

Kickin it one-handed.

The unintentional pets we keep

Ok, so there is a bird and a polywog.
Looks very angry and judgmental as it peers out over its nest. The polywog is plotting its escape...I must say, I'm rooting for little Jimmy Legs.

Kubb Sets by Voyage Corps Gifts

You are gonna love this game!

Rubikon T-shirts

I recently designed a small-run set of t-shirts for the Boston-based progressive rock band, Rubikon. These were in turn printed by Bloomington-based print whizz, Jarod Isenbarger.

HUB BUB Entry Show!

I am now in residence at HUB-BUB with two other visual artists and a writer.
Eric Kocher from Houston (poet)
Camille Bonham from Michigan (artist)
Steve Snell from Western Mass (artist)
Its a good group. What follows are photos from our first exhibition at the Hub-Bub Showroom: The Entry Show. for more info on Hub-Bub visit:
Also, check out the blog to which we all contribute...and subscribe!...(if you want)

Entry Show (work by Mark Rice)

Entry Show: Teeth

Entry Show: Dogs

The 3rd and final exhibition for these hounds.

Face Plant!

A collaborative effort by Eric Kocher and Mark Rice

Eric Kocher and Mark Rice

Woodcut and letterpress on rice paper. The letter-pressed poem was hand-printed on this very strange signmaking machine from the 70s that we found in the warehouse called a Line-o-Scribe.

Eric Kocher and Steve Snell

Steve Snell

Camille Bonham

FLF: The Thesis Portfolio

FLF was the thesis project of Mark Rice while attending RISD. There are several different versions of the project. First and foremost is the FLF Portfolio with a total of 88 prints. Here is a somewhat long-winded explanation from the mouth of the creator, Mark Rice.
"My recent work is an illustrated narrative of a creation myth about my own philosophy towards art making. This book, entitled “FLF,” is written from the point of view of a man named Kevinator. The book works as a posthumous account of Kevinator's final months after a large explosion traps him in the place of his employment. Symbolically, it is a parafictional and metaphorical account of my two years of graduate school at the Rhode Island School of Design.
Set against a post-apocalyptic landscape, this tale describes the adventures of a man, conveniently named Kevin, dealing with his own issues of fear and inspiration while battling his new environment, where he is seemingly the sole inhabitant. Renaissance engraving, pop culture, autobiographical accounts, and science fiction form the inspiration for this epic tale.
The illustrations for this work are produced by means of copper and wood engraving. The technique of engraving was historically used in the documentation of sculpture, jewelry, and in the reproduction of oil paintings and frescos to a wider audience. Engraving employs the carved line to reinterpret a work of art. After the image is incised using a burin, the carved material (usually copper or steel) is inked, and finally impressed into paper. The inherent discrepancies of an engraving from the original object of documentation are large. I have come to appreciate this discrepancy and hold it as a metaphor for the subjective quality of memory as well as the seeming impossibility of true objective documentation.
An invented language accompanies the illustrations in this text. This language, called Rungish, is a written dialect of English created for those with a distrust of language’s inherent ability to disseminate and demystify. This language demands an empathetic collaboration that bears a striking similarity to the relationship I seek in speaking through images. It seeks a slower and more reflective read as a method of reestablishing trust in the mutual responsibilities of communication for author and reader, artist and viewer."

Keep an eye open for the FLF catalog, which is currently in the works, featuring reproductions of all the prints as well as analysis by writers and artists alike.

RISD Thesis Exhibition

On May 19th, 2011 the RISD Thesis Exhibition was unveiled. 170 graduating students were on display. Here are some pics of the FLF narrative coming to a close.